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May 17th, 2024

Case examples with no code robotic automation: glue dispenser, welding, metal laser cut, bottle filling SCAPE CoCreator

Endless Applications, Limitless Possibilities

The SCAPE CoCreator is an intuitive platform designed for developing robot applications without the need for programming. It effortlessly integrates diverse hardware and software, blending advanced robotics, 3D vision, and AI to enable straightforward design, development, and deployment for all users. In traditional robotics, you need to set the parameters of your part and place it in the exact same position for every cycle so that your robot can perform the required operation. However, SCAPE CoCreator facilitates seamless integration with various industrial scanner models, which enable robots to identify the part's location regardless of its position.

SCAPE CoCreator empowers your robot to tackle a wide range of industrial tasks with precision and efficiency. Here are just a few examples of common applications that the CoCreator can automate for you:

  1. Glue dispenser tasks: Achieve consistent and accurate glue application for assembly lines, packaging, and product manufacturing. Whether you use it for gluing shoe soles or applying sealant materials on car parts, the SCAPE CoCreator ensures precise control, reduces waste, and improves product quality.
  2. Welding: Enhance your welding processes with seamless integration of hardware and software in a no-code environment. The SCAPE CoCreator allows your robot to perform complex welds with high accuracy. 
  3. Fiber Laser Cutting Applications: Optimize your fibre fabrication operations with robots capable of intricate laser cutting. SCAPE CoCreator allows for easy adjustments to cutting patterns, ensuring perfect cuts every time, regardless of the complexity.
  4. Filling Bottles with Various Liquids: Streamline your bottling processes by enabling robots to fill bottles with precision. Whether it’s for beverages, chemicals, or pharmaceuticals, SCAPE CoCreator ensures uniform filling levels and reduces spillage.


No Coding Required

The intuitive interface of the CoCreator ensures that no coding experience is necessary, empowering everyone from seasoned engineers to novice operators to program robots quickly and efficiently. The SCAPE Pro Industrial Scanner works in tandem with SCAPE CoCreator to provide real-time data, enabling the robot to adapt to different tasks and environments with ease.

Watch The Case Video

This video example shows you how to create a solution for automating a glue dispenser task from scratch to deploying the robot:




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