Easy Integration of Different Scanner Brands within a Single Platform

April 17th, 2024

SCAPE CoCreator no code robot programming software integrates different industrial scanners in an all-in-one platform.

by Bogdan Tintescu, Marketing Assistant, Scape Technologies

Seamless Integration of Diverse Industrial 3D Scanners with SCAPE CoCreator

In the dynamic field of robotic automation, the ability to seamlessly integrate various industrial scanner brands into a single platform can significantly enhance operational efficiency and flexibility. SCAPE CoCreator stands out as a revolutionary no-code platform that simplifies the integration of all cameras that conform to the GeniCam standards, making it accessible to users of all technical levels. This blog post explores how SCAPE CoCreator enables easy management of various industrial scanner brands.

Managing Scanners with Ease in the SCAPE CoCreator Software

The SCAPE CoCreator platform excels in simplifying the addition and management of industrial 3D scanners, enabling users to efficiently switch between different scanner types as operational needs change. Here’s a breakdown of how scanners are managed within SCAPE CoCreator:

Adding and Managing Scanners

See how to add and calibrate your scanner:

Benefits of Using SCAPE CoCreator for Diverse Scanner Integration

•    Versatile Scanner Support: Embracing a broad spectrum of industrial 3D scanners, SCAPE CoCreator is designed to meet diverse industrial needs, making it a versatile choice for companies using various scanning technologies.
•    No-Code Flexibility: The intuitive, no-code interface of SCAPE CoCreator allows users from different technical backgrounds to manage and switch between scanners with ease, democratizing advanced technological implementation.
•    Operational Efficiency: Integrating and switching between multiple scanners within a single platform reduces setup time and increases operational flexibility, leading to enhanced productivity and reduced downtime.


SCAPE CoCreator stands out by providing a robust, user-friendly platform that supports the integration of various industrial 3D scanners, accommodating them one at a time as per project demands. This feature allows businesses to leverage their existing scanner assets better and adapt quickly to new technologies or project requirements. By simplifying the management and switching of different scanners, SCAPE CoCreator ensures that businesses can focus more on innovation and less on operational complexities.



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