SCAPE PackMover

SCAPE PackMover robotic solution handling packages into warehouse environment



Checkmark Seamless integration with popular robot brands: KUKA, ABB, Fanuc, Yaskawa. For other brands, please contact us.

Checkmark Comes together with SCAPE PackMover Software, SCAPE Stationary Scanner P2 and SCAPE Controller IPC

Checkmark Supported range of item sizes:  from 15 mm x 15 mm to 2000 mm x 2000 mm

Checkmark No delays - forward thinking recognition algorithm that stays one full cycle ahead of the working robot


SCAPE Pro-M 3D Industrial Scanner

The SCAPE PackMover

The SCAPE PackMover is designed to efficiently deliver packaged items to their designated destinations, often a conveyor belt, before seamlessly transitioning back to the packing station to commence the next cycle. It is designed for enhanced productivity, being able to avoid bottlenecks.


Inside the SCAPE PackMover Solution

The SCAPE PackMover complete package includes the following:

1. SCAPE PackMover Software

At the core of this system lies the comprehensive SCAPE PackMover Software. It orchestrates all critical functions seamlessly:

Recognition: The software begins by receiving data from the 3D scanner, which effectively identifies and defines the shape of the item.

Gripping: The "gripper" algorithm takes over, managing the flexible gripper and optimizing the grip based on the 3D scan data and the recognition result, ensuring precise item retrieval and delivery.

Robot Path Planning: The system calculates the most efficient path for the robot arm, guaranteeing a swift and collision-free workflow.


2. SCAPE Pro-XL Scanner


The scanner, a crucial component, is ideally located above the station with packages to be handled. It is recommended to mount it within a SCAPE Stationary Scanner Recognition - Tower for optimal performance. The recommended standoff distance from the scanner to the topmost packages is 1500-2100 mm. Key specifications include a Lateral Resolution (Horizontal plane) of 1.1 mm – 1.9 mm and a depth uncertainty RMS of 2 mm.


3. SCAPE Controller IPC


The SCAPE Controller IPC comes pre-loaded with Windows 10/11, remote desktop software for support, and the SCAPE software. Please note that it does not include a screen, keyboard, or other peripheral components.


Note: SCAPE PackMover is capable of operating without delays, thanks to its forward-thinking recognition algorithm that stays one full cycle ahead of the working robot arm and gripper.


Stay Ahead of the Competition

The SCAPE PackMover is set to redefine how you manage conveyor systems and packing stations. With its seamless integration, versatility, and advanced software, it's the ultimate solution for achieving peak efficiency in your operations. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and hello to a smoother, more productive workflow with the SCAPE PackMover.

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