You need to know the fundamentals of Bin-Picking before you can secure stability and reliability in the Bin-Picking solution

Bin picking fundamentals: STARTING POINT

A wide range of industries and factory automation companies are having components for production delivered in bins.

These components will typically be positioned in the bins in a StructuredSemi-structured or Random way.

Each type of positioning has its own complexity and characteristics and must be treated by these variables to empty the bin effectively.

Bin picking fundamentals: KEY TASKS

To automate the unloading reliably and effectively, the robotic application needs to handle three critical tasks:

Recognition - which part is most prevalent and easy to pick.

Gripping - how to grip the component most effectively.

Robot Motion Planning – how to control robot movement for optimal speed and collision avoidance.

Bin picking fundamentals: FINAL DELIVERY

When these tasks have been fulfilled the components must be securely and accurately oriented before the final delivery to its destination such as a machine, a welding system or a fixture. Taking all this into consideration we still need to ensure a speedy and efficient cycle time for each part to fulfill the ever-increasing demands for efficiency.

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