How to build and Deploy Your Own Solution Within a NO CODE Environment

April 22nd, 2024

SCAPE CoCreator robot guidance platform for easy robotic automation

by Bogdan Tintescu, Marketing Assistant, Scape Technologies

How to Build and Deploy Robotic Solutions with SCAPE CoCreator

In the evolving landscape of industrial automation, the complexity of programming can often be a barrier.  However, with the advance of no-code solutions like the SCAPE CoCreator, anyone can now imagine, create, and automate demanding and repetitive tasks without a single line of code. Here’s a detailed look at how the SCAPE CoCreator platform revolutionizes robot software development, making it accessible to all.

What is SCAPE CoCreator?

SCAPE CoCreator is a cutting-edge no-code platform that empowers users to automate tasks using robots efficiently. It utilizes a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface where users can assemble a workflow using predefined blocks, each tailored for specific tasks within robotic automation. This intuitive approach not only simplifies the development process but also significantly reduces the time and cost associated with traditional robot programming.

Drag-and-drop interface:

SCAPE CoCreator - drag and drop blocks - build a workflow for robot guidance with no programming

Building Your Robotic Workflow with SCAPE CoCreator

1.    Starting with Blocks: Initiate your project by selecting from an array of functional blocks available in the SCAPE CoCreator sidebar. These blocks form the backbone of your robotic automation system.
2.    Configuring Blocks: Each block comes with customizable settings. For instance, movement blocks can be adjusted for speed and precision, while vision blocks can be tailored to recognize specific objects or patterns.
3.    Connecting Blocks for Workflow: Link your blocks to define the sequence of actions. This setup dictates how the robot reacts to various conditions, such as object recognition or task completion.
4.    Testing and Deployment: Once your workflow is set up, deploy it to your robot system and conduct thorough tests to ensure everything operates smoothly.

Optimize Your Operations with SCAPE CoCreator

Using SCAPE CoCreator for your robotic automation needs not only simplifies the programming process but also enhances operational efficiency. Whether you’re looking to streamline manufacturing, improve logistics, or automate mundane tasks, SCAPE CoCreator provides all the tools you need to achieve your objectives effectively.


Robotic automation is transforming industries by increasing efficiency and reducing human error. With platforms like SCAPE CoCreator, these technologies are now within reach for businesses of all sizes and individuals with minimal technical background. Start automating your tasks today and propel your operational capabilities into a new era of innovation.



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