Even in times of COVID-19, you can experience the SCAPE Software Solutions for yourself from your desk!





Date: July 10, 2020; 10.00 AM



More Webinares will be announced soon!




SCAPE Part Training Studio 4.0 - INTRODUCTION

You are about to enter the future of smart and easy Bin-Picking automation and leaving complex programming.

The new Scape Bin-Picking Software comes with multiple changes, making the training process and implementation shorter by up to 80% and it makes it much easier to solve advanced Bin-Picking tasks.

SCAPE Part Training Studio is updated with a guided user interface, intuitive menu flow and modern design. The software behind the simple user interface calculates a lot of the settings and parameters for you, while still offering the maximum flexibility with adjustable settings.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to train parts in the most reliable and accurate Bin-Picking solution on the market.
  • How the new SCAPE Part Training Studio can dramatically reduce implementation time in production environments.
  • How your parts can be trained, recognized and gripped with different scanners, in different bins and with multiple grippers - on the same robot at the same time!
  • Practical tips on effective part training for optimal recognition accuracy, reliability and precision.


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