Why create a Pick and Place solution in SCAPE CoCreator?

Why choose SCAPE CoCreator, the ultimate no code robot programming software

SCAPE Pick and Place

The SCAPE Pick and Place Solution can recognize objects in real-time, wherever they may be in the scanner's field of view. It is compatible with stationary scanners. Conventionally, pick & place tasks are conducted using a suction cup. However, this solution is equipped with a finger gripper, enhancing gripping precision and expanding the range of applications that demand meticulous handling.

SCAPE Pick and Place solution created in a no code robot guidance software - SCAPE CoCreator


SCAPE CoCreator - The Ultimate No-Code Robot Programming Software

SCAPE CoCreator enables users to imagine, create, and automate a complete Pick and Place solution within minutes, without requiring any programming skills. Whether you are dealing with small parts or larger assemblies, the SCAPE Pick and Place Solution is ready to streamline your production line.


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