SCAPE Package Picker

SCAPE Package Picker


  • Easy handling of packages, parcels and boxes
  • Fast recognition
  • Efficient and secure gripping



Checkmark   Handling 1440 packages per hour

Checkmark   Up to 5kg packages

Checkmark   100x100 to 500x500mm packages

Checkmark   Dynamic grip area 

Checkmark   Object orientation delivery  

Checkmark   Compensation for uneven surfaces

Checkmark   Collision handling 

Checkmark   Available for different grippers 























































SCAPE Package Picker Gripper and Tool UnitSCAPE Package Picker specialized algorithmFlexible Software Solution for logistics automation

The Future of Automated Logistics Package Handling 

To manage the increasing growth in eCommerce and its associated challenges, such as the need for fast, easy, flexible, and reliable handling of goods to be delivered to business partners and consumers, companies will need to embrace automation. Over the next five years, the volume of packages, boxes, and envelopes is expected to more than double. This increase will create bottlenecks in distribution centres and put pressure on the handling of goods in third-party logistics (3PL) facilities, such as fulfillment centres and warehouses.


The SCAPE Package Picker

Scape Technologies has developed and designed the entire future proof solution of automated logistics package handling. The automated SCAPE Package Picker prevents bottlenecks in handling envelopes, packages, or boxes up to 5 kg.


SCAPE Package Picker solution for automatic handling of parcels, integrated on a KUKA robot


It consists of a flexible gripper with seven suction cups mounted on a robotic arm, a scanner positioned above the station capable of creating a 3D point cloud of the scene with packages, a newly developed recognition algorithm, and software that plans the arm's trajectory.


See the SCAPE Package Picker in action:

1440 packages per hour.

The SCAPE Package Picker provides a reliable solution where the robot picks various packages, boxes, or envelopes one at a time using its gripper and delivers them to their final destination, such as a conveyor belt. Afterwards, it returns to the packing station to initiate a new cycle. On average, each cycle is completed in just two and a half seconds, resulting in an impressive rate of 1,440 packages per hour.

The scanner, positioned above the station with the packages, works in conjunction with the recognition algorithm to detect and define the shape of each packet. It then sends this data to the "gripper" algorithm, responsible for controlling the flexible gripper. The gripping algorithm optimizes the grip based on the recognition data to ensure successful package retrieval and delivery.

Recognition gripper for automated handling of packages

It is a system that calculates the most optimal path for the robot arm, ensuring a swift and collision-free flow. In essence, the robot operates without delays because the recognition algorithm processes data one full cycle ahead of the working robot arm and gripper. This approach guarantees fast cycle times and minimizes any potential waiting periods.

The SCAPE Package Picker Capability to Prevent Bottlenecks

The manual workflows with package picking are characterized by a high degree of monotony with harmful repetitive movements. This often results in bottlenecks within the process. However, with the SCAPE Package Picker Solution, these issues are effectively eliminated. Explore the new features of the SCAPE Package Picker here: LINK



1. Specialized Gripper

Efficient and smart gripper design, that can use the optimal suction strength for different sizes of gripping areas.


2. Specialized Algorithm

The spezialized SCAPE Package Picker algorithm calculates the available gripping area and determines the best way to grip the packages - within milliseconds.


3. Flexible Software Solution

The SCAPE Software allows for lots of customization and optimization for your needs in our intuitive interface.

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