The SCAPE Software suite is a ground-breaking solution designed to revolutionise industrial automation through its advanced technology. It harnesses the power of AI and advanced vision systems to enable robots to accurately identify, pick, and place a wide array of objects with unprecedented precision. Tailored for ease of use, it features a user-friendly interface that allows operators to effortlessly set up and manage robotic tasks without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

SCAPE Bin-Picking Software

SCAPE Bin-Picking Software Suite™

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SCAPE Bin-Picking software modules

SCAPE Software Suite™ Modules

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SCAPE Part Training Studio software for training parts

SCAPE Part Training Studio™

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SCAPE Orientation Control software

SCAPE 3D Orientation Control™ & AI Verification

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SCAPE Cast Station

SCAPE Automatic Self Test™ & Cast Station

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