SCAPE 3D Object Recognition™




SCAPE 3D Object Recognition


The SCAPE 3D Object Recognition Software

SCAPE 3D Object Recognition can recognize objects in real-time, wherever they may be in the scanner's field of view. It works both with robot mounted and stationary scanner.


SCAPE 3D Object Recognition Enables New Applications

  • Fixture position recognition: Before placing parts, the fixtures can now be accurately identified, ensuring flawless part placement.
  • Object position and orientation recognition: SCAPE 3D Object Recognition excels in precisely identifying the positions and orientations of objects.
  • Location Verification: SCAPE 3D Object Recognition can confirm the presence of fixtures or parts in designated locations.


Various Applications of SCAPE 3D Object Recognition

  •  Barrel caps recognition


Scape 3D Object Recognition used to recognize the position of barrel caps in order to allow a filling machine to automatically fill a barrel.


  •  Shoe sole recognition


Shoe sole 3D recognition process for creating a glue path for robotic automation


  • Fixture recognition


SCAPE 3D Object Recognition locating the fixtures so that different items can be located inside. Solution designed for industrial automation tasks.


These are just a few examples of the many potential applications that SCAPE 3D Object Recognition makes possible. The versatility of this software, with its ability to recognize any 3D data within the scanner's field of view, liberates industries across the spectrum to innovate and streamline their processes.

To leverage the transformative power of SCAPE 3D Object Recognition, users will require one of the SCAPE 3D Vision Sensors


See the video example, where the SCAPE Grid Scanner is used to place parts accurately into a loosely placed fixture after Bin-Picking:


Note: this option does not include direct robot control; instead, it provides the robot with the vital information of the recognized object's frame, enabling precise manipulation and decision-making.

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