Flexible Standardized Bin-Picking Solution For Repeatable Task-Based Jobs

SCAPE Bin-Picker solutions give manufacturers access to all the benefits of advanced robotic automation with a standardized and highly reliable Bin-Picking Software, that makes automation affordable for both SME with small-batch production runs and LME with large mixed product assembly.

Repeatable task-based jobs like bin-picking and quality control can be efficiently performed by cost-effective, flexible and standardized SCAPE Bin-Picker systems. This technology serves as a safe automation solution for a wide range of bin-picking tasks, achieving higher accuracy than humans in a 24/7 working environment.

Benefits for SCAPE Bin-Picker robotic solutions

Benefits of the SCAPE Bin-Picker Solutions

- Remove monotonous tasks and improve workers ergonomics 

- Improve production throughput and quality control

- Increase flexibility and speed in automation

- Reduced impact of labour shortage and cost 

- Increase safety and reduce injury potential of workers

- Lower cost for part loading systems and obtain around the clock production


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Car parts

Worldwide 85.000.000 cars produced per year.

The average each car consists of 30.000 parts and +12,000 of these parts per car can be handled by automated highly reliable SCAPE Bin-Picking solutions and remove monotonous and harmful jobs.

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