The SCAPE Bin-Picker


With more than 150 SCAPE Bin-Picking systems working in challenging production environments, we provide a proven whole solution for random Bin-Picking.

We provide substantial productivity improvements to numerous manufacturing processes with 99,99% reliability. 

In fact, we offer a complete solution with the industry’s lowest risk of failure and the highest degree of meeting Return on investment.

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Designed to Expect the Unexpected

The SCAPE Bin-Picking concept enables a wide range of industries to implement a standardized bin-picking solution for a diversity of parts. Standardized solutions dramatically shorten the implementation time of reliable and effective Bin-Picking systems to automate processes and reduce costs.

This is possible with the advanced SCAPE Bin-Picking Software Suite in combination with a range of recognition and gripping options developed by Scape to ensure a fully reliable and complete solution. The key to a successful bin-picking system is to acknowledge that there is no single configuration which will solve most bin-picking tasks. See some examples here.

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