The best Bin-Picking solution on the market  - now easier than ever

Simpler & better at the same time - get the highly developed features and advanced problem-solving SCAPE algorithms through a new, intuitive interface and easy to use design!

Save time in the implementation process and train new parts yourself within minutes!


SCAPE Part Training Studio interface on computer


See how you can easily:

Train new parts

Set up Orientation Control

Set up AI for Orientation Control




Discover the new SCAPE Part Training Studio 4.0

Introducing a profound make-over of the user experience in the new software release, significantly simplifying the process of solving advanced Bin-Picking tasks. The Scape Bin-Picking Software incorporates multiple improvements, making the training process shorter and reducing unnecessary settings in some steps by 80%.

New Visuals

Now everyone can solve even the most complicated Bin-Picking tasks without technical know-how. The navigation in the SCAPE Part Training Studio™ and the visualization of parts has been overhauled and modernized completely, with new options for customizability, colours, and views.



Train Your Bin-Picking Part In 4 Easy Steps

Import the CAD file of your part.

Generate the recognition database and capture images from the bin to test the recognition. Easy adjustment of settings if necessary.

Automatically set up grips for the part and customize or add more if needed.

Test the recognition and optimize the settings.



More New Features

Simulate robot movements and gripping!





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