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The SCAPE Mini-Picker - Extend Your Potential

The SCAPE Mini-Picker offers an all-in-one, affordable solution for diverse stacking, layered pick-and-place, and random bin-picking tasks with high precision. Perfect for small businesses and automation newcomers, it streamlines manual, repetitive part picking from pallets and boxes into machines, fixtures, or conveyor belts.

Reliable Precision Delivery

With the SCAPE Mini-Picker, you can achieve precise delivery of your parts with the highest degree of accuracy and reliability.

SCAPE Mini-Picker robot conducting precision-delivery


Scan Part Yourself - No Cad Models Needed

If you do not have CAD models of your parts, you can use the SCAPE Mini-Picker to acquire the image data of your part and automatically calculate a CAD model. See how easy this is done:

Create your own CAD model with Scape Part Training Studio


All in One Package

All the necessary hardware and software are included in the package and pre-assembled for your convenience, allowing you to mount and start using the solution within minutes.

package contents scape mini-picker


Easy & Intuitive Part Training Software

The SCAPE Part Training Studio is the easiest and most intuitive part training software for Pick & Place and Bin-Picking available on the market. Plus, it is included for free with your SCAPE Mini-Picker!

See more about SCAPE Part Training Studio here.

Enhanced SCAPE Orientation Control

Lower cycle times with the SCAPE Orientation Control with a stationary camera and lamps above the Handling Station with the SCAPE Mini-Picker! With this module, you can guarantee the highest level of reliable precision picks and utilize our AI recognition. We also offer the optimal hardware for mounting the camera and lamps.

More add-ons & upgrades are available upon request!

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