Stationary Scanner

Easy Installation 

High flexibility

lowers cycle times up to 30%

SCAPE Bin-Picker Solution takes care of all the critical steps:

•    Recognizing parts in the bin
•    Selecting and picking parts from the bin
•    Planning the optimal path for robot motion 
•    Ensuring part orientation for precision delivery
•    100% precision delivery of parts 

The SCAPE Stationary Scanner conducts a quick and extremely precise Scanning of parts in the two bins. The robot and scanner work together in perfection. While the robot moves the part; the scanner prepares the next pick. This means lower cycle times up to 30% compared to using the SCAPE Grid Scanner.

The approximate price for the solution: € 68.800 (ex. robot)


SCAPE Stationary Scanner


Average cycle time:
3.5 sec

Vision Sensor:           
One SCAPE Stationary Scanner mounted above bins

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