SCAPE Bin-Picker Solution takes care of all the critical steps:

•    Recognizing parts in the bin
•    Selecting and picking parts from the bin
•    Planning the optimal path for robot motion 
•    Ensuring part orientation for precision delivery
•    100% precision delivery of parts 

Bin-picking parts from two bins. When one bin is empty, the system automatically continues in the other bins. This gives the worker plenty of time to exchange the empty bin without production stop.

The approximate price for the solution: € 71.600 (ex. robot)


SCAPE Bin-Picker robot for automation of Bin Exchange


Cycle time:
19.5 seconds

Part weight and dimensions:
2.35 kg; 250 x 69 x 70 mm

Part delivery:
High precision delivery into fixture

Vision Sensor:
One SCAPE Grid Scanner mounted directly
on the robot. A very cost effective solution.

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