The SCAPE solutions open vast opportunities for automating tasks.

Our advanced gripping and sensing systems in industrial automation allow for the creation of truly collaborative applications. They enable your team to work effortlessly with robotic partners in activities including assembly, surface finishing, pick and place, machine tending, and testing. Discover the future of automation with SCAPE.

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SCAPE 3D Object Recognition

Real-time object or fixture recognition is made possible with SCAPE 3D Object Recognition, anywhere within the scanner field of view. This system is compatible with both robot-mounted and stationary scanners.

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SCAPE Package Picker

Designed to seamlessly handle envelopes, packages, and boxes up to 5 kg. It eliminates bottlenecks and supercharges your package handling process. Discover efficiency and innovation, all in one package.

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SCAPE PackMover

The SCAPE PackMover is designed to efficiently deliver packaged items to their designated destinations, often a conveyor belt, before seamlessly transitioning back to the packing station to commence the next cycle. It ensures enhanced productivity, being able to avoid bottlenecks.

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SCAPE Bin-Picker Solutions

The highly flexible and modular robot solutions feature specialized software for picking parts placed randomly, semi-structured, or in an organized manner.

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SCAPE Mini-Picker

All-in-one solution for diverse stacking, layered pick-and-place, and random bin-picking tasks with high precision.