The SCAPE Bin-Picking system consists of a number of modules which can be combined in different ways to optimize the Bin-Picking system to the customer needs. What is common to all modules is the same generic software, meaning that it is the same software every time and no tailor-made programming is required.

Short introduction to the most important modules in the SCAPE Software Suite™:

SCAPE Bin-Picking Manager logo


SCAPE Bin-Picking Manager™

The runtime software containing the recognition engine. 

The SCAPE Bin picking Manager™ handles recognition and picking of parts, when the bin picker cell is running. The robot sends commands to SCAPE Bin Picking Manager™ through the SCAPE External Control API™, and SCAPE Bin Picking Manager™ takes over the control of the robot in some parts of the cycle. Sensor data overlaid with recognition results is shown in the graphical user interface (GUI) allowing the user to verify that parts have been recognized correctly.

Additional software options are available depending on needs for speed (cycle times) or precision gripping.

SCAPE Comminication  Server

SCAPE Communication Server™

Communication between SCAPE Bin-Picking ManagerTM and external device (typically a robot). 

SCAPE Communication Server™ enables communication of robot movements and status between SCAPE Controller and robot controller (or another external programmable unit). The SCAPE External Control API™ uses this communication server.

SCAPE Calibration Manager

SCAPE Calibration Manager™

Configuration of SCAPE hardware, calibration and verification. 

SCAPE Calibration Manager™ is the application used for configuring all the units in a work cell, such as the robot, cameras, grippers, light sources and sensors. This also involves measuring the locations of units in the cell and calibrating sensors.

SCAPE Part Training Studio

SCAPE Part Training Studio™

Full training of new parts for Bin-Picking and Orientation Control. 

SCAPE Part Training Studio™ is the main application for training new parts based on a CAD files. Its features include configuration of feature extraction, recognition parameters, training parameters and generally all parameters involved in preparing a new product for Bin-Picking.


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