Automated Brake Disc Picking without CAD models secure flexible production and fast changeovers

November 19th, 2021

Brake disc

Scape Technologies always strives to optimize our technology and push the limits of our systems for improving the intuitive and user-friendly operation of the SCAPE Bin-Picker solution.

We often see that CAD*-models are not available for parts handled automatically by robots in production. CAD models of the parts is the safe approach for reliable bin-picking solutions in industrial production facilities. 

In a new project in the Chinese car industry, we solved the challenge of not having CAD models available for brake discs. We came up with a solution that automatically generates CAD models in the SCAPE Software directly based on 7 parameters that describe the geometry of the brake disc.

The operator can easily enter the 7 parameters in the user-friendly software for automatic CAD – model generation, securing optimal recognition and precisely picking of brake discs. This feature secure fast, flexible training of new brake discs geometries in a production line for automatic handling of multiple sized brake discs. 

In the same project, we optimized the feature for automated slip sheet removal in layered Bin-Picking by having the SCAPE Bin-Picking Solution check if the layer is indeed empty before removing the slip sheet. In the rare case where something is still present, we let the operator know if it is a recognized part that cannot be gripped. This will tell if the parts are sometimes in unexpected positions/orientation which the gripper was not designed for.

*: CAD = Computer-Aided Design allows engineers and designers to build computer models of parts and assemblies.

You can find a flyer about this solution in our Download section or here.

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