SCAPE Bin-Picker

The Industry faces the lowest unemployment in nearly 50 years. The need for automated bin-picking is urgent. In the US, where 38% of the manufacturing labor force moves parts between bins and manufacturing machines, 500,000 jobs remain unfilled. The automation industry is trying to meet that need and only few - like Scape - have managed to solve the problem of bin-picking.

Scape provides a complete, reliable, cost-effective and flexible SCAPE Bin-Picker system, which is a safe automation solution for a wide range of bin-picking tasks.

SCAPE Bin-Picking take care of all the critical steps:
•    Recognizing parts in the bin
•    Selecting and picking parts from the bin
•    Planning the optimal path for robot motion 
•    Ensuring part orientation for precision delivery
•    100% precision delivery of parts 

The standardized SCAPE Bin-Picker Solution is scalable and flexible for performing complex Bin-Picking tasks 24/7.  

The SCAPE Bin-Picker Solution is applicable for all types of parts and used across robot brands with 6 axis arm e.g. ABB, KUKA, FANUC, Universal Robots and Kawasaki.

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