New Features and Improvements for the SCAPE Package Picker

June 27th, 2022


Scape has developed the SCAPE Package Picker, a specialized application of our modular solution for logistics and package services, further and brought new features and improvements to the product.

In previous iterations, it was already possible to pick packages, parcels and similar items from conveyors or pallets at high speeds with our custom gripping solution. You can see a video of the solution in action here.

New Gripper Interface and Gripping Solution

Scape has improved the software to work with different gripping solutions to enable customers to implement their own grippers that fit to their specific needs and also allow them complete control over how the gripper is set up and controlled in the software.

SCAPE Package Picker - Software

Along with the improvements to the gripper interface, we also overhauled the communication between robot, PC and scanner, leading to faster recognitions, gripping and path planning.

New Feature: Deliver Items in Specific Orientation

Additionally, we are also determining the approximate dimensions of parts when we are scanning the surfaces. This can be used to optimize the gripping points and grip closer to the center of gravity of the items.

SCAPE Package Picker software

Based on this feature, the SCAPE Package Picker can now also deliver the items in specific orientations, e.g. the shorter side of a package facing forward on a conveyor.

SCAPE Package Picker Software

With these improvements, the SCAPE Package Picker is now a top solution for any logistics and warehouse where packages, parcels and similar items arrive in bulk and need to be separated onto conveyors or other transport systems.


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