August 17th, 2021

Scape Technologies and Woitech

Flexible and user-friendly automation solutions offer great potential for productivity improvements for a much larger part of the manufacturing industry. That is precisely why Scape Technologies, Odense and Woitech, Bjert, have entered a new collaboration. The goal is to make it easier and more profitable for even more companies in the food industry to benefit from flexible automation in production.

Woitech has international and comprehensive experience as a supplier of packaging machines and delivery of complete complex process automation solutions within the food industry. 

"Profitable, flexible and user-friendly automation solutions have great potential in the manufacturing industry and therefore it is natural to partner with Scape. A specialized robotic enterprise with more than 15 years of experience in providing flexible automated bin-picking solutions with subsequent precision delivery of items picked in the boxes. Scape's solutions can provide a basis for productivity improvements and ensure that production solutions can remain competitive in a dynamic market", says Anders Woitowitz, CEO at Woitech. 

"In Woitech, we have found a new partner that strategically strengthen our market position and can service a wider range of customers in the manufacturing industry, especially in the food industry, where we see new opportunities for the recently introduced SCAPE Package Picker. We look forward to the cooperation that will enable us to further meet the growing demands of the fast-growing process and automation market", says Søren Bøving-Andersen, CEO of Scape Technologies. 

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