August 05th, 2021

Scape Technologies and Nomad Robotics partnership

Scape has entered into a new partner agreement with Nomad Robotics - a French based provider of highly technical and designed robot solutions to the manufacturing industry, including Automotive industry, Shipyards, Wind Mills production, Food Industry, Aeronautic Industry and Cleaning Industry.

"In Nomad Robotics we found a new partner with whom we can strategically strengthen our market position and service a wider range of customers. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation that will enable us to further meet the increasing demands of the rapidly growing process automation market", says Søren Bøving-Andersen, CEO of Scape Technologies.

Scape's Bin-Picking Solutions enable cobots and industrial robots to perform tasks that would not otherwise be able to automate efficiently and cost-effectively. The technology is used i.a. for pick-and-place operations and automatic machine feeding, where benefits in the form of increased stability, reliability and efficiency help to ensure high profitability and strengthened competitiveness. 

“NOMAD ROBOTICS is very pleased to count among its new partners Scape Technologies - the most experienced manufacturer in the challenging field of bin-picking. In our opinion, the precision of their solution, as well as their reliability, is the future of the bin-picking market”, says Mathieu Toft, Associate Director of Nomad Robotics. 

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