BWM (Bremer Werk für Montagesysteme) selects Scape Technologies for German customer project

November 08th, 2021

SCAPE Bin-Picker

Scape Technologies are known as 'Scape – The Bin-Picking Company' has received an order from the German company BWM (Bremer Werk für Montagesysteme) for the delivery of a SCAPE Bin-Picker and line feeder solution to a German customer with a global market position.

The Bremen company - BWM – which has more than 40 years of experience in the development, integration, and service of flexible modular automation systems, assembly systems and special machines for various industries, - has chosen Scape's flexible and robust Bin-Picker solution for a project at a German customer. The customer produces filter and filtering solutions for different sectors and customer segments worldwide.

"It is the first SCAPE Bin-Picker order from BWM and it confirms our strong position in robotic automated material handling domain, also called 'robotic automated Bin-Picking', which can remove monotonous working tasks and improve workers ergonomics ", - says Frank Nüsken, General Manager, Scape Germany.

The complete SCAPE Bin-Picker is used for picking parts that are randomly placed and oriented in containers. After picking the part from the container the SCAPE Bin-Picker and a second Line feeder robot secure the precision delivery of the part in a fully automated machine. The average cycle time is 10 seconds.

The SCAPE Bin-Picking concept enables a wide range of industries to implement a standardized bin-picking solution for a diversity of parts. Standardized solutions dramatically shorten the implementation time of reliable and effective Bin-Picking systems to automate processes and reduce costs.

The order from BWM was concluded and signed in October 2021 and the order does not change Scape's expectations for the current financial year. 

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