New Partnership: Scape Technologies and Cobots Sweden AB

September 04th, 2023

Scape Technologies and COBOTS Sweden AB partnership - robotic automation SCAPE Mini-Picker
A Promising Future for Automation

We are excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Cobots Sweden AB, which symbolizes a joint commitment to advancing the realm of automation. By combining Scape's innovative robotic solutions with COBOTS' specialized knowledge in collaborative applications, this partnership aims to deliver forward-looking solutions to meet the evolving needs of various industries.

COBOTS - The One Stop Shop for Collaborative Applications

Cobots Sweden AB has earned a reputation for its expertise in robot integration and automation throughout the years. The partnership between Scape Technologies and COBOTS promises to deliver an extensive range of benefits to businesses seeking to enhance their automation processes.


A Shared Vision for the Future

John Espensen, Marketing & SME Channel Manager at Scape Technologies, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: "" Scape Technologies is delighted to welcome Cobots Sweden AB among our partners. With COBOTS, we have found a strategic collaborator that will help us solidify our position in the Swedish market and serve a broader spectrum of customers."

Nicklas Jermestam, VD of Cobots Sweden AB, also shared his perspective on the collaboration: " We eagerly anticipate the further development of our partnership with Scape Technologies and the ability to offer our customers SCAPE Bin-Picking technology. From our perspective, Scape's flexible, reliable, and modular Bin-Picking solutions stand as the future in the realm of automated material handling.”


The SCAPE Mini-Picker Solution

As part of this groundbreaking partnership, COBOTS has taken a significant step by placing an order for the innovative SCAPE Mini-Picker solution. Combining the reliability and robustness of the SCAPE high-end Bin-Picking system with the intuitive operation of the SCAPE Easy-Picker solution, the Mini-Picker is designed with user-friendliness as a paramount feature.


Efficiency Elevated: The COBOTS-Ordered SCAPE Mini-Picker

The COBOTS-ordered SCAPE Mini-Picker marks a significant advancement in automation efficiency. Equipped with dual gripper capabilities, this solution excels in handling a diverse range of components, especially in scenarios requiring precise part delivery. Utilizing the same software foundation as SCAPE's high-end Bin-Picking systems ensures a seamless transition for users.


UR+ Certification: Simplifying Implementation

The intuitive and user-friendly SCAPE Mini-Picker and SCAPE Easy-Picker solutions have received certification under Universal Robots' UR+ standard. This endorsement streamlines the process for customers to select comprehensive solutions, leveraging various components available on the UR+ platform. This streamlined approach accelerates the implementation of automation solutions for both newcomers and experts.



The strategic partnership between Scape Technologies and Cobots Sweden AB signifies an exciting chapter in the world of automation. As we look ahead, this partnership promises to reshape the future of automation, empowering industries to achieve greater efficiency, precision, and competitiveness. Stay tuned as we embark on this journey of progress and transformation together.


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