May 17th, 2023

Introducing our new scanner for object recognition. The SCAPE PRO INDUSTRIAL 3D Scanners

New Solution for Improved Object Recognition

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest offering, the SCAPE PRO INDUSTRIAL 3D Scanners. These innovative scanners are available in three sizes, providing alternatives to our well-received robot-mounted SCAPE Grid Scanner Recognition. They offer enhanced cycle times and increased flexibility for a broad spectrum of applications, all at a competitive price.

Why Choose the SCAPE PRO INDUSTRIAL 3D Scanners?

The SCAPE PRO INDUSTRIAL 3D Scanner is a binocular 3D scanner designed for overhead mounting above bins, making it perfectly suited for bin-picking tasks and applications that benefit from multiple viewing angles. Unlike robot-mounted scanners, this stationary scanner independently acquires data without engaging the robot, leading to quicker cycle times. In certain scenarios, it is capable of simultaneously handling two adjacent bins. Utilizing two cameras, the scanner captures varying light patterns projected onto the scene to generate a precise 3D point cloud of the object.

The Solution

Available in three sizes, the SCAPE PRO INDUSTRIAL 3D Scanner accommodates a wide range of applications, tailored to the size of the scanned object, scanning volume, and other factors. All models produce up to 2.0 million points and use blue laser light (447nm) to guarantee precise and accurate scanning.


Installation of the scanner is easy, and both the object and the 3D sensor remain stationary during scanning, enabling quick and highly accurate results. Equip your robot or machine with powerful 3D vision and allow it to see with the SCAPE PRO INDUSTRIAL 3D Scanner.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how this powerful scanner can transform your operations.

Read more about the SCAPE PRO INDUSTRIAL 3D Scanners.

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