2024 Kick-off: New Orders for SCAPE Bin-Picking Solutions in Austria's Plastic & Injection Moulding Industry

February 14th, 2024

SCAPE Bin-Picking in a leading Austrian company specializing in plastics and injection moulding


The beginning of 2024 marks a significant milestone with the recent order of two SCAPE Bin-Picking solutions by a leading Austrian company specializing in plastics and injection moulding. This new order is a testimonial to the effective integration of two similar solutions by the same company in the previous year. With this successful integration, Scape Technologies, traditionally known for its efficiency and reliability in the metal industry, is now extending into the plastics and injection moulding sector. This expansion into a new market is largely attributed to our ongoing collaboration with BOOST Automation GmbH, a partnership that has been generating fruitful results since 2021.

Scape Technologies Enters the Plastic Moulding Industry

Last year, our partnership with BOOST Automation resulted in the successful sale and integration of two SCAPE Bin-Picker solutions to a leading Austrian company in the plastics and injection moulding industry. These solutions, designed for feeding CNC machines, have demonstrated exceptional reliability and efficiency, leading to the customer’s decision to order two additional bin-picking systems this year. 

This achievement signifies our bin-picking solutions' high reliability and adaptability, initially renowned for handling metal parts, now proving equally effective in the plastic moulding sector. Our technology's effectiveness has been the cornerstone of this expansion, showcasing our commitment to providing solutions that meet and exceed industry needs.

Ongoing Market Exploration

Our journey with BOOST Automation GmbH is a testimonial to the power of collaboration and innovation in the field of industrial automation. As we continue to explore new markets and opportunities, our focus consistently centres on delivering high-quality, reliable solutions that drive efficiency and productivity.

About BOOST Automation GmbH

BOOST develops and manufactures robot-based automation solutions, assembly and processing systems, and special machines for customers in the automotive industry, aviation, electronics, and metal industries, as well as the food industry.

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