Revolutionizing Industrial Automation: 4 Success Stories of Scape Solutions Integrated in Major Companies

April 18th, 2023

Case Stories of bin-picking solutions for material handling automation integrated in car manufacturing companies.

by Bogdan Tintescu, Marketing Assistant, Scape Technologies


At Scape Technologies, our main goal is to revolutionize the automation processes, providing effective and reliable pick and place robotic solutions that can handle various components, at the lowest costs. In this article we will look at different story cases when companies adopted automation through our bin picking solutions in their production lines.


Cross car beams

The SCAPE Bin-Picker is used by the well-known car manufacturer, BMW to handle and deliver cross car beams with 100% precision. This solution recognizes parts in the bin, selects and picks them, plans an optimal path for the robot motion, and ensures part orientation for precision delivery. Three parts are delivered into the fixtures on the table on average every 15-20 seconds. This solution re-grips the parts on the SCAPE Handling Stations, supported by the SCAPE Part Turner, to ensure high precision delivery.

Luggage compartment floors

In this case, BMW has chosen our bin-picking solution for picking and delivering luggage compartment floors into the fixtures for the next process every 35 seconds. The high precision is realized through the advanced algorithms of the SCAPE Software and accurate recognition with the SCAPE Stationary Scanner. In this case the parts are stacked in the bin.


See the BMW case stories here:




HEYCO-WERK SÜD in Tittling, Germany, is using the SCAPE Bin-Picking solution and the SCAPE Line Feeder in the quality inspection process of common rails. This solution allows for common rails to be precisely oriented and delivered on a conveyor belt for inspection every 10-12 seconds. The parts are recognized, picked and placed on the handling station, re-gripped and delivered to a conveyor belt in the correct position.





A well-known Chinese automobile manufacturing company implemented a complete SCAPE Bin-Picking System to handle different crankshafts. With the significant weight of the crankshafts ranging between 10-20 kg per part, the manual handling process could result in low handling efficiency and health risks for workers. The SCAPE Bin-Picking Solution improved the working environment and increased productivity by automating the handling process of crankshafts with different shapes, surfaces, weight, and sizes. The SCAPE Grid Scanner identifies the crankshafts in the container that are to be picked by the bin picking solution. The part then goes to the SCAPE Part Turner for orientation control before it is re-gripped and delivered 100% precisely in the production line. 




An automotive car seat company improved efficiency in their assembly line by adopting the SCAPE Bin-Picker in their automation processes. In this case, four parts are delivered into the next process every 40 seconds. The SCAPE Stationary Scanners recognize the parts in the bins, from where the SCAPE Bin-Picker grips and places them on a SCAPE Handling Station table. From there, the SCAPE Line Feeder grips the parts precisely and delivers into a fixture for the next process. If needed, the parts are turned on the way with the SCAPE Part Turner.




These case stories show that even the most reputable companies can benefit from our low-cost solutions, resulting in increased productivity, improved efficiency, and a safer work environment. With advanced algorithms and precise recognition capabilities, Scape Technologies offers a comprehensive solution to handle various components in the production line. These are just a few examples of our case stories, and we hope to continue to provide innovative solutions that revolutionize the automation industry for all businesses, big or small.



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