The SCAPE Part Turner is used after SCAPE Orientation Control™ for turning parts in the gripper

SCAPE Part Turner


SCAPE Part Turner

The SCAPE Part Turner consists of a parallel gripper mounted on a rotary stage.
To turn the part, the following steps are performed:

  • Robot moves the part in between the open fingers of the SCAPE Part Turner. 
  • The SCAPE Part Turner closes the fingers and the robot lets go of the part and moves away. 
  • The rotary stage now rotates the part 180 degrees. 
  • The robot moves back and closes the fingers on the part – now from a new direction relative to the part. 
  • The SCAPE Part Turner opens the fingers. 
  • The robot now moves away with the part in a new position in the fingers. 

Maximum Part Weight 1 kg for PT10-01.

Maximum Part Weight 3 kg for PT10-03.

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