To further ease the implementation time for our partners and simplify the integration into production environments, Scape has developed a number of additional hardware modules for mounting and integrating the SCAPE Products. These modules will offer an easier solution for projects and eliminate a lot of time consuming, custom development for each new project.

SCAPE Part Turner


SCAPE Part Turner

The SCAPE Part Turner is used after SCAPE Orientation Control™ for turning parts in the gripper. The SCAPE Part Turner consists of a parallel gripper mounted on a rotary stage.
To turn the part, the following steps are performed:

  • Robot moves the part in between the open fingers of the SCAPE Part Turner. 

  • The SCAPE Part Turner closes the fingers and the robot lets go of the part and moves away. 

  • The rotary stage now rotates the part 180 degrees. 

  • The robot moves back and closes the fingers on the part – now from a new direction relative to the part. 

  • The SCAPE Part Turner opens the fingers. 

  • The robot now moves away with the part in a new position in the fingers.

Maximum Part Weight 1 kg for PT10-01.
Maximum Part Weight 3 kg for PT10-03.

SCAPE Stationary Scanner Tower


SCAPE Stationary Scanner Recognition - Tower

The Tower for the SCAPE Stationary Scanner Recognition™ is specifically designed to be the simplest choice and best option for all SCAPE Systems with the SCAPE Stationary Scanner. The Tower guarantees the highest stability and best scanning performance of the SCAPE Stationary Scanner.

Together with the SCAPE Stationary Scanner, cycle times in Bin-Picking applications can be lowered by up to 30%!
The Tower can be scaled for your needs and is available as a stand alone Scape product.

You can find the flyer here.

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