SMART Automation Austria 2023

May 16th, 2023

SMART Automation Austria 2023, meet us there. Scape Technologies to showcase bin-picking solutions together with our partner BOOST Automation

We are excited to announce that we will be attending our third exhibition of the year on May 23-25. We will be present at SMART Automation Austria 2023 in Linz, together with our partner BOOST Automation. As a leading bin-picking company, we are excited to showcase our latest technologies and solutions at this prestigious trade show.

What you should expect to see there

During the event, we will be presenting our new SCAPE Stationary Scanner P2 Recognition, which is designed for faster cycle times and higher accuracy, at a competitive price. In addition, we will be showcasing a UR cobot running bin-picking assisted by our SCAPE 3D Orientation Control with Artificial Intelligence Verification which identifies which side of the part is facing upwards and let the system perform recognition with high reliability even for challenging parts.

We will also present a KUKA industrial robot performing bin-picking tasks. It will be highlighting our capabilities in part orientation control on the SCAPE Handling Station, part turning, and 3D Object Recognition. Just as an example, the robot will be able to locate movable fixtures before delivering parts to the fixture, using the SCAPE Grid Scanner to capture two images and accurately identify the position of the fixture.

SCAPE Stationary Scanner P2 Recognition

Do you want to join the event?

We are thrilled to connect with attendees, customers, and partners at SMART Automation Austria 2023, and to demonstrate how our bin-picking solutions can improve manufacturing efficiency and productivity. We will be available to discuss our technologies and solutions in depth, answer any questions, and explore potential partnerships at any time.

We look forward to seeing you at SMART Automation Austria 2023!

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