Scape Technologies is looking for a C++ Software Developer

November 25th, 2019


Do you want to be part of a paradigm shift in the robot automation world? Do you want to make industrial robots capable of seeing the world? Then you are looking for Scape Technologies. 

Job Description 

The primary task is to further develop the SCAPE software which includes areas such as: 

•    3D Simulation Tools 
•    Graphical User Interfaces 
•    Robot Control and Simulation 
•    Communication with External Hardware 
•    Code Optimization (including multithreading) 

You will learn to handle industrial robots and work with sensors (such as industrial cameras and 3D sensors) in the Scape labs in order to test your code. You will work with developers who are very enthusiastic about the product we are building. You will have a high influence on how the SCAPE product evolves in the future. 

You will be part of an excellent development team with a high spirit who enjoy their work because they love being part of a revolution in the industrial automation world. 
In the daily work, you will report directly to the Lead Developer at Scape. 
We would like the position to be occupied as soon as possible. 

Software Development at Scape

As a software developer at Scape you will be an important part of a highly skilled and dedicated development team with many years of experience programming C++. 
We are in a fast expanding phase and are looking for developers to become part of the core development group who has influence on decisions on how the product evolves. 

You will be engaged in a world of interaction between your code, robots and sensors. 
Your code is the foundation of the next generation of advanced software for industrial production. 

The core philosophy at Scape is to develop software which is extremely easy to use by other people even though we are solving the complicated process of controlling a robot to pick parts from bins. 

We want to maintain our leading role in the paradigm shift in the robot automation world: Make robots do something nobody has been able to do before and make it easy to use the system. 

In addition, the software must be generic, and the code must be easy to read by others, easy to maintain and computationally efficient. 

The development platform is MS Visual Studio and Windows. However, all source code is written using generic code and libraries which can be ported to other platforms, for instance Linux. 


•    Master of Science in Computer Science, Robot Technology or similar education 
•    Experienced C++ Programmer 
•    Knowledge about one or more of the following items: MS Visual C++, Git, TFS, Qt, Boost, OpenGL 
•    Fluent in writing and speaking English 
•    Computer Vision knowledge is an advantage but not a requirement 


•    Preferably at least 1 year of programming experience in C++. 
•    Experience with one or more of the following items: MS Visual C++, Git, TFS, Qt, Boost 


•    Good communication skills 
•    Positive attitude and ready to handle challenges 
•    Must be able to work independently as well as in teams and handle many tasks at the same time 

About Scape Technologies A/S 

Scape Technologies A/S specializes in “bin-picking” systems for the automation industry. The term “bin-picking” is about guiding an industrial robot to pick randomly placed parts in a bin and place them into the production lines, machines, fixtures etc. This has in many years been called the Holy Grail of Automation because it is the last big area of production which nobody has been able to automate until Scape Technologies entered the world of bin-picking. 

Scape Technologies A/S provides the following for a bin-picking system: 
•    Software for recognizing the parts using 3D sensors 
•    2D and 3D vision sensors 
•    Grippers optimized for bin-picking – mounted at the end of the robot arm 
•    Software for controlling the robot movements 

Scape Technologies A/S was founded in 2006 and is world leading in its field. Several SCAPE systems are running in production at some of the biggest car manufactures in the world. 

Financially, Scape has a good foundation since it is recently listed on the stock market at Nasdaq First North in Copenhagen. 
Scape Technologies is located in the center of Odense, Denmark. 
You can read much more about Scape Technologies at 

Please forward your application - including CV - to: 
René Dencker Eriksen 
Phone: +45 25 30 89 49 
Application deadline: No strict deadline 

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