NEW: SCAPE 3D Object Recognition

July 19th, 2022

object recognition in spts

SCAPE 3D Object Recognition is the newest Feature in the SCAPE Bin-Picking Software and expands the possible applications by a huge margin.

Where the SCAPE Recognition Algorithm in the software was previously limited to recognize parts and 3D environments in predefined locations like bins and tables, the new feature enables the recognition on any 3D data within the view of the scanner.

This makes a multitude of different applications possible with SCAPE:

  • Recognition of fixtures before placing parts
  • Recognition of features or details on large parts
  • Checking of presence of a fixture or part in a give location
  • ...and much more!

Here is an example video, where the SCAPE Grid Scanner is used to place parts accurately into a loosely placed fixture after Bin-Picking:

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