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November 16th, 2023

Job opportunity: Project Manager in robotics. Job vacancy: Project Manager

Are you all about Robotics and can you ensure problem-free delivery?

We are looking for candidates for a Multifunctional role within Operations, one that can ensure problem-free delivery of projects to our customers.
In close cooperation with our integration partners, who take care of building the automation cell itself, you will fulfill the role of customer-focused System Integrator with responsibility for managing all technical aspects of the delivery of projects, products and services to end customers and sales and integration partners - both in the pre-sales phase and for the after-sales phase. In the Pre-sales phase, our deliverables may include product demonstrations and for projects.

We provide high quality technical services before and after a sale.
You will help to ensure customer satisfaction, strengthen customer relations, monitor the result and cost schedule for each project and ensure that the projects are managed well.
We offer exciting career opportunities in a growing company and a truly international and stimulating work environment with highly trained colleagues and partners as well as world-leading technology. 

Majority of your time will be in the office at Scape in Odense, but there is the possibility of a Home Office solution 2 days a week. This Position includes customer meetings and sometimes onsite technical advice during the installation process often in Germany but can also be in any other country in Europe. Up to 20-40 travel days per year can be expected.

In day-to-day work, you will report to CTO René Dencker Eriksen, who believe in trust-based leadership. 

Scape Technologies is a company that is characterized by the fact that everyone contributes, no one stands 
alone. Knowledge is shared in all the teams and SCRUM morning meetings are held every day, where 
everyone participates. 

Your task in this multi-functional position involves the following:

• Coordinate resources for customer demonstrations, for projects and partner training.
• After the customer has agreed to purchase a SCAPE solution, you will identify and coordinate the services, resources and support customers need to implement the project efficiently with high quality, within the framework and on time.
• The above must be done in close collaboration with end customers, integration partners and internal resources until it is completed and signed off by delivery.
• In the role, you will implement processes to monitor the progress of product installations to ensure they are successful and follow up on issues until they are resolved.
• Managing ongoing support for customers to confirm they continue to make effective use of products and monitor support requests to identify any recurring issues and then recommend opportunities for products.
• Ensure close coordination with sales, regular review meetings with customers and partners to discuss any issues or problems – thereby analyzing customer support needs and identifying areas where the company can offer improved service or reduce support costs.
• Manage services, ensure correct delivery and track billable time.
• Challenge current ways of working and improve efficiency.
It sounds like a lot, but there will be a long, realistic, and good onboarding.


• You have a minimum of 3 years of experience, probably from a robot system integrator role, successful in project management, technical support, and project deliveries with responsibility for processes, profit and resource management, research, development, project management and important technical sales/consulting.
• Experience of working with industrial robots and technical consulting preferably within the automotive industry or a similar production environment.
• You are fluent in both English and German. (Both equally important).
• You have experience in identifying, managing, and controlling work processes.
• You are sales-minded and technically oriented and driven in handling many tasks at the same time.
• Very strong consulting and communication skills.
• Able to handle multiple client engagements simultaneously.

About Scape Technologies

Scape Technologies is a Danish software automation company and the most experienced supplier in the challenging field of Bin-Picking. Handling randomly placed parts from a bin by means of a robot is our core competence and what makes Scape Technologies the world market leader in Bin-Picking.

Scape technologies is driven by a dedicated and innovative mindset throughout the entire organization and a will to solve a well-known challenge in production environments worldwide. Our success in developing and implementing standardized solutions allows easy adaption to each customer's special requirements. 

Since 2011 more than 150 standardized SCAPE Bin-Picking solutions are implemented and in full production at several customers all over Europe. And that is only the beginning. Scape is located in Odense, in the center of Denmark’s thriving robotic research and industrial activity community and maintains close ties to the University of Southern Denmark, Aalborg University, RoboCluster and Danish Technological Institute. SCAPE is also a member of the RoboCluster SupplyNet –a network of robot companies that supply roughly 80% of all robotic systems to the Danish market.


Could the position at Scape Technologies be your next career step?

Please contact We Compare at +45 93838354/ 41821898 if you have further questions about this job position.

Please send an mail including your resume at we@compare.dk  and they will return to you asap.

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