Easy Part Training with SCAPE Part Training Studio™

Train new parts in 12 minutes in 4 easy steps!

With SCAPE, everyone can solve even the most complicated Bin-Picking problems without technical know-how.



Import your CAD files

SCAPE Part Training studio supports most common CAD file formats and can generate the optimal Bin-Picking settings based on the exact measurements - with the highest accuracy and without needing to scan any parts.



Generate recognition data & acquire images

The SCAPE Software generates a recognition database based on the CAD file and can acquire images from the bin to verify the settings and test the recognition.



Generate Grips automatically

With suction cups or vacuum grippers, SCAPE can automatically generate the optimal grips for the parts, removing time-consuming definition and tweaking of grip settings.



Optimize recognition settings

In the end, all settings can be easily edited and customized to achieve the best outcome and desired functionality.

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