Case 1: Sharing 3D Sensor

Two robots each picking from two bins. In this implementation the parts are semi-structured in the bin.

A tailor made Gripper on the Tool Unit makes it possible to perform a high precision grip in the bin and deliver directly into the processing machine.

pdf SCAPE Bin-Picker Solution Case 1







Case 2: Fast Cycle Times

Bin-picking two different parts from two bins. The SCAPE Sliding Scanner makes it possible to achieve fast cycle times because scanning takes place while the robot is out of the bin area.

pdf SCAPE Bin-Picker Solution Case 2







Case 3: Different Parts

A part is delivered into the fixtures on the turn table every 3.5 seconds. This very fast cycle time is achieved by using a SCAPE Sliding Scanner for the two Bin-Picking robots and adding two “Line Feeder” robots to pick the parts from the Handling Station and placing them into the fixtures.

The system is trained to handle 7 different parts.

pdf SCAPE Bin-Picker Solution Case 3







Case 4: Optimized Bin Exchange

Bin-picking parts from two bins. When one bin is empty, the system automatically continues in the other bins.

This gives the worker plenty of time to exchange the empty bin without production stop.

pdf SCAPE Bin-Picker Solution Case 4