Standardized Bin-Picking of randomly located parts

The Scape Bin-Picking concept enables a wide range of industries to implement a standardized bin-picking solution for a diversity of parts.
Standardized solutions dramatically shorten the implementation time of effective bin-picking systems and increase Return on Investment.
The SCAPE system automates locating and gripping individual parts from a jumble of parts piled haphazardly in bins and feeds them into presses, assembly lines, conveyor belts, or other machinery.

5 Simple Steps for SCAPE Bin-Picking:

    1. Install the SCAPE Software on a standard PC to be used as the SCAPE Controller.
    2. Mount a SCAPE Tool Unit on your robot.
    3. Use the standard SCAPE software for offline teaching of the robot to recognize and pick the relevant parts.
    4. Upload the files to the SCAPE Controller.
    5. Make your final adjustments during a short run-in. And now start emptying the bin!

This is made possible by Scape Technologies’ advanced Bin-Picking Software Suite in combination
with a range of recognition and gripping options developed by Scape to ensure a complete and fully
reliable system.

Pick your robot, choose a SCAPE Partner and get started!

The SCAPE Bin-Picking solutions support most standard industry robots.
Contact us for further information on Scape certified partners and supported robots.